Lately I’ve been craving new vegetable side dishes to accompany my nightly protein. When a friend passed along a curry cauliflower recipe I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I basically went shopping the very next day for some cauliflower and restocked my curry supply.

Pair with a medium rare salt and pepper steak of your choosing. I’ve been hooked on grass fed Filet Mignon lately, but imagine a Ribeye or New York Strip would accompany this quite well. I feel like Ribeye’s should be reserved for grilling season and chose a cast iron skillet for my filets tonight.

In the mood for something healthy, relatively quick and easy to prepare? Then try this dish, I promise it won’t disappoint! I imagine it will be great a huge hit at a potluck in my future where I’ll be doubling down on the ingredients and sharing with a group of friends. Enjoy!