Pre-paleo I didn’t prefer basil or pesto, but I was easily converted after eating this outstanding dinner. This recipe includes beef for the meatballs, but Whole Foods sells a veal, pork and beef tri-fecta of flavor worth sampling when available for this meal. The trio has a juicy, rich flavor that outshines the standard beef meatball. Topped with basil pesto and wrapped in bacon…I’m not sure how many dinners I enjoy more than this delicacy.

Sometimes I want several leftovers so I use 1lb of beef and 1lb of bison to make the meatballs. I double the mushroom, onion and garlic and saute in a large skillet. It requires 2 packs of bacon, sliced vertically before wrapping each meatball. Expect about 12-16 meatballs and have toothpicks ready to attach the bacon to the ground meat before cooking.

The wire rack for this meal is not an absolute must, but the meatballs will bask in their own juices while cooking otherwise. That makes a juicier meatball, but less crisp bacon wrapping, so the choice belongs with the chef. While we’re on the topic of choices let’s discuss the sun-dried tomatoes needed for this mouth watering treat. I only use the sun dried tomatoes from the bulk section at whole foods and I admit, they usually aren’t organic, but I’m over it because they are a million times better in flavor and color than the pre-packaged kind and I have yet to find any organic competitor.

As with any meal, seasoning is the key with salt and pepper to taste. The pesto may need more or less salt, so taste testing is ideal before committing to the meatball topping. When mixing the meat and veggies to form the balls it’s also important to salt and pepper the meat well and distribute seasonings evenly. 2-3 meatballs make a great lunch the next day with a few leftover veggies.

Tasteful Tip: If you’re wondering the best and easiest way to craft a healthy meatball, then check out  My King Cook has skillet, convection oven, and oven directions, so no matter what.. You’re covered! Check out the rest of the site too for great information on foods like Asparagus (a perfect accompaniment for this meal).