I love making a whole chicken in the crock pot on Sunday and using the leftovers for chicken salad. This recipe details a versatile chicken salad where 1-2 items can be added and change the overall taste to cater to individual needs. If a hint of sweetness is preferred some carrots, grapes or dried cherries can be added. To use as a topping for crackers add a little extra mustard and a hint of paprika or a hint of Cajun seasoning.

Just throwing all the ingredients in the food processor at once might seem like a good idea, but that can make the salad a little over-processed. I like to process the celery and onion, then remove to a bowl. I hand chop the chicken so it doesn’t become similar to spam in texture. After everything is chopped, the mayo is created in the same food processor. It doesn’t take long to whip up your own mayo, and it’s delicious. Try making it with avocado oil for this recipe!

Create a refreshing summer meal with this chicken salad by placing a scoop on a bed of lettuce. Surround the chicken in freshly chopped fruit and enjoy! In the picture it is combined with lettuce, pico de galo and pepperocinis.