Don't be intimidated by the laundry list of ingredients for this recipe, it's actually quite easy. It's also so richly delicious it will definitely top the weekly household menu often so all those extra ingredients will be utilized. There are several pork cuts that can be used for this, but pork butt is nice and tender so it's my choice. Pork loin or tenderloin cuts work well too, in a pinch.

This recipe is dripping with sauce so I enjoy thicker tortillas up to ¼" thick while my husband prefers thin, crepe-like tortillas. My thick wraps resemble flat bread when nicely browned and are recommended for a first run of this juicy recipe. Fresh herbs are great for the wraps and if you have them on hand, use them!

The avocado mayo should not be skipped as it really takes this meal from averagely tasty to rivaling phenomenon. The avocado mayo flavor contributes to the pork in a way that is simply unmatched by traditional olive oil mayo.

For toppings, lettuce and tomato or kale and cucumber taste just as good as the suggested pepperocini, shown here. Pickles, olives or sriracha sauce offer another delicious alternative, so enjoy whatever strikes your fancy.