I eat pasta all the time by crafting my own noodles from spaghetti squash or zucchini. The longer I’m away from pasta, the more I realize it had no real flavor to begin with. Much like cheese. Meals like this remind me that the best part of the meal is the vegetables and protein mixed with excellent seasonings. That’s what brings that rich flavor to the forefront. This recipe offers a relieving change from my usual pesto which has basil, walnuts and lemon so accompany the sun-dried tomato. Here sun-dried tomato is the star of the show with a delicate thin sauce that refreshes the palette.

While crafting the final mixture it’s important to slowly add salt and taste over time. Once everything is combined be sure to grab a bite with chicken, squash, and tomato to taste the full spectrum of flavor. As the food melds together over warm heat it will change flavors but add salt as needed to bring out the best flavor possible. You’ll know when it’s done because it will taste delicious.