Paleo Chicken Salad

A creamy chicken salad on top of a bed of lettuce creates the perfect summer lunch.

Paleo Lemon Asparagus Chicken

A hint of lemon takes this chicken up a notch without becoming overwhelming.

Paleo Veggie Korma & Chicken

This vegetarian Korma is an excellent side dish or main entree for vegetarians or vegan guests.

Paleo Chicken Enchilada Soup

This soup is absolutely amazing with or without fresh tomatoes.

Paleo Slow Cooker Chicken

Delicious slow cooked whole chicken that requires little effort, great for left overs!

Chicken & Dried Tomato Sauce

Rich, creamy sun-dried tomato sauce with juicy baked chicken.

Paleo Orange Thyme Chicken

Just the right amount of orange zest perfects this recipe for Chicken thighs or legs.

Paleo Roasted Chicken with Basil Pesto

This creamy basil walnut pesto complements a juicy baked Chicken breast perfectly.

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